This was the view from my window as I flew from Phoenix to Portland. I had to go through customs in Phoenix and I'm just lucky that my luggage was one of the very firsts to come down the ramp, or I would of missed my flight. I only had about 20 minutes to get from one end of a terminal to another and barely catch my breath. And what's with the 2nd customs person asking a million questions...I mean... really, you already turned in your customs form and they.... glanced at your passport... honest, they didn't even scan it. I only have two stamps in my passport! I sooooo wanted multiple Mexico/USA stamps in my passport. Heck, my passport looks like I harldy travel out of the US. ... back to the 2nd US Customs guy, who thought he was in charge... HAHAHA......" How long were you there? What did you buy?" Uh... a week, I bought some cheap necklaces... HURRY UP! I HAVE A FLIGHT TO CATCH! My flight out of Mazatlan was late. Those things don't stress me out. It's the 'just barely things' that stress me, but... all went well, and I caught my flight to PDX. FYI - my suitcases.. yes.. I had two.. why? I female.. I have to have clean clothes!!! Anyway... each weighted about 35 lbs... and I had two carry on's... One laptop and one beach bag.. yeah... you know the kind... can hold the kitchen sink and still fit under the seat in front of you! My shoulders are finally relaxing.... those bags were HEAVY! (reminder to self..... learn to go with less!) WHAT!!! You have got to be kidding!!!!

Then I discoved this..... when I got home.

These are not underground aliens... they are Purple Crocus. The ones the moles and squirrels didn't eat...

Ditto... the varmits didn't get these 4....... (I planted over 100 a few years ago) And I do have tulips that have broken through the ground and they will be wonderfull!!!.... in about a month. I'm excited. I babied those... I mean.. in chicken wire... so the aboved mentioned critters wouldn't eat them.

Ohhhh... yes... Spring is starting.... I just have to put up with lots of rain first. But, it is Oregon... known for it's moisture... not to be confused with humidity.... we don't have humidity... but we have rain.

I have a picture of Aunt May's lilac... in it's early budding stage...... (I'll post that later.... it might become a series of pictures...)



    OH, YAY!!! I know when your flowers are up, that mine are soon-to-follow! I do have a couple of crocus leaves shooting out of the snow and I saw 2 tulip leaves today. YAY! I love spring.


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