Mazatlan is relaxing. That's if you can stand the noise the brakes on the buses make and the horn honking. OUCH!

Our room is on the 9th floor. Across the street is a coffee shop with free wi-fi. I'm too cheap to go across the street and get hot chocolate and sit there with my computer. I just stand 9 floors up and rest the laptop on the ledge next to the bogenvia (flower). Should the laptop fall, it will land in the flowers.

Yesterday, Wednesday, was windy and cool. So we didn't lay around the pool for long. We did do a little shopping, but there really isn't anything to buy. Today... TODAY was great. I have tan lines! And tonight. We are having SHRIMP! THREE KILOS (3) of SHRIMP. I can hardly wait!!! I'll take pictures.

Everything on this page... the stuff up above, not what I've written, but what blogger shows you, is all in Spanish. I don't know much Spanish. Only what I learned on Sesame Street and that wasn't much.

It is Carnival this week. Well, I think it starts tonight and goes through the weekend. We're thinking about going to the parade on Saturday. It's like Marti Gras. I'll let you know.

More sunshine is on tap for tomorrow.


    Shrimp, Sunshine... Throw in a drink, and I'm there!!


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