The company I work for put out a bid today.... for a taxiway and apron at the airport. (It's an international airport) We've done airport work before. I've been on the taxiway, standing there, not in an airplane, when planes have been taxi-ing in and out. Kind of awesome and scary and very loud.

Well, anyway, the bid. We were the low bidder. We got the bid. WE.GOT.THE.BID. $11+ MILLION BID. WE.GOT.IT!!! This is HUGE for our company. HUGE!
Happy Dance. Let's all do the Happy Dance and squeeeeel! Now, we don't make $11 million profit. We get, when all said and done, about 25% of this amount. But, then there are change orders and such, which means, if we pull it all together, without any major hitches, we could profit more than 25%. It was a huge group effort!!

We will be dancing for a few more days.

*UPDATE* There is a 10 day period after the bid, that any other bidder can use to contest the bid. There were 3 other bidders. We were within $300,000.00 of the next bidder. "He" likes to contest bids. We haven't gotten the "Intent to Award" notice yet,'s still looking good. So keep your fingers crossed. This is the largest bid our company has EVER put out. We can do the work. It's a project that will take us (meaning us and other subcontractors) two years to finish. Which means two years worth of employment for people.


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