I thought I was being so clever. I bought Erythomycin while I was in Mexico, because I had this inner ear thing going on from our Panama trip. That sounds more exotic than it is. (and that a dr. at the emergency clinic said.. would just dry up... uh..huh) Well, I took the Erythromycin for a few days. At first only taking it 2x's a day, then read on an old prescription bottle that I had, that I should take it 3x's a day. (I get ear infections easily) So, up the dosage. And... well, you know how you hear or read about the side effects... I had most of them. When it got to the ... if you get short of breath, skin starts to turn yellow....you need to quit taking this medication. I did get nauseous, (threw up at work and home) tired, short of breath, and when my boss asked if I had gone back to tanning, I decided it was time to give up the medication. And it wasn't helping my inner ear aka swimmers ear, infection. So, I then started on Tylenol Sinus and Allergy pills. They saved my life... well, my head cold, ear life. Cuz, I got this head cold thingy... that started on the left side of my head... and then traveled to the right side.... Ohh.... and I'm not a good patient... Due to some unforeseen circumstances... I had to walk a mile and a half home at 10 pm in the damp and drizzly. That was Friday ... last weekend... Then on Tuesday, because my boss really likes me... she gave me the afternoon off..... to go out on the boat! On the river! With my headcold! And I did. And I paid for it on Wednesday. I'm finally starting to feel normal. Still coughing up a lung, but at least I can breath and I only went through a half a bottle of Vicks Menthol.

I would of taken a picture of my friends... Tylenol, Vicks and Kleenex, but I used them all up.

And a HUGE Thank YOU to Annie, for sending a care package to Chris. I don't know if he's gotten it yet, but I know it will be enjoyed!


    Oh, BUMMER! I can't believe that week of yours.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

    Damn train.


    You are totally welcome. And you might want to drink some hot tea and go to bed early. And wear a hat.


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