And the neighborhood goes to pot.

Stupid neighbors. Had a loud party. There was a shooting. WTF! And the victim isn't talking. He's in the hospital, with non-life threatening wounds. I heard the shots. They didn't come from the houses in the picture. They came from across the street of the house that is white with green trim. Five shots. About 12:15 am. I looked out a bedroom window (not mine) to see about 5 young men running from the direction of the shots. Then jump in a dark car, whose rear lights didn't go on and whose license plate didn't light up, and drove north, only to turn around and come back down the street because, I assume, they could hear the police cars coming. Then the police show up. Block off the road, about where the van in the picture is, and start questioning the lady in the house on the corner. I think she called the police. I also saw my neighbor, Gail, who lives in the other house in the picture, call the cops. Then 4 police go running up the street with a crime sniffing dog, but according to the news, the dog didn't find anything. But, looks like the neighborhood will be on the news tonight. Sheesh.

This is really a nice, quiet neighborhood. Honest! It just makes me want to storm over to that neighbors house and read them the riot act! Over the past few months, the type of people that have been visiting that house, has changed. A LOT. They didn't use to have company. Now, there have been various cars parked at their house. I don't suspect drug traffic, but I do suspect too much to drink and hot tempers. And somebody better start talking about who shot who! And they better not come around here again. Seriously.... where's my bat!


    Good Lord. That is an unacceptable amount of Redneckyness. It only takes one to ruin it for everyone...


    As my oldest son said (who doesn't live at home, actually nobody lives with me)..."Time to move."

    But... I don't want to move! I like my house! I like that I'm only 2 miles from the MALL.


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