Really. 28" in our rain season so far. (Oct to now) Please turn off the faucet! I'm starting to mildew and mold! And it's not pretty!


And in other news.

It's official. We got the airport job. It's a great boost to our company.


The Easter baskets I had deposited at my daugher's doorstep, were returned. Nathan, on the other hand, came to dinner at my mothers. (This is an ongoing saga and one I'm really not going to touch on too much, needless to say... one reason why earlier blog had to go down... and why living with your adult children really doesn't work... especially when they think they know how to run your household....let's put it another way... drugs, throwing out my belongings and snooping on my computer... don't work with me.. nuff said)


My parents are back from their winter abode in Arizona. I love having them here. I love having them there... to give my brother all the attention.. and draw it away from me.... does it ever end... I'm the oldest of a twin...I'm 50.... really... I know how to maintain my life....BUT I love you mom and dad! They don't read this. But I wanted you all to know.. I do love my parents, very much. They are the best.


I have an over due book at the library. I don't think I'll get it read. But I at least, need to go online and renew it so I don't get fined.



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