( Nathan is the one in the red hat. This picture was taken in Nov. 2004 in Hawaii on the big island. Jesse, his cousin is standing with him.)

My third child and second son was born today. 25 years ago. He is all boy. He has always been all boy. Now man. He's tall. Almost 6 ft. He's got a smile that can melt your heart no matter how awful he's been. My dad has always called him Angelic Na. (Long A). You know.... for having an anglic look, but knowing full well that there are many thoughts going through that head. He's given me grief. Lots of it. From being a church nursery drop out to a high school drop out. He's a great kid, but one who just couldn't fit in with the major main stream of kids. Not that he didn't have friends. He had the most friends. He is super friendly and he isn't stupid. Just lazy. Nathan was born post-teier.... well, not sure if that's the correct term. He was face up not face down. So he was pressing on my pelvic bone like a mac truck. He just prepared me for Andrea's breech birth. Nothing like birthing pain without meds. I broke blood vesels in my husband's hand. He needed to feel some of the pain I was in. A little transversence of pain is good.

So... Happy Birthday Nathan!


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