9:30 pm and I'm in my pj's and ready for bed. What was your Saturday evening like?

Let me back up - My parents are leaving for Ireland Sunday morning early. They fly from PDX to SLC to NYC to Ireland. So, in my infinite wisdom, I have the family (11 people - should be 13, other story) over for dinner. Mom's birthday is Sunday and Chris will leave to go back to 29 Palms before they get home. So dinner at my house is the only option. Not a problem. I fix Tex-Mex Tortilla Soup. It's always a hit - cut up a pineapple and put purple grapes around it. Mom brings bread sticks, Jodi brings chips and salsa. I also have crackers and dip, and I make a chicken enchilada casserole. You know.. just in case. We always have that "just in case" food. The soup - all but one serving is gone. The enchilada casserole is about 1/2 gone - left overs for Monday. Everybody is gone by 7:30 pm. I'm home alone and it's 9:30 pm. Watching "Pirates of the Caribbean (1)" and skimming the newest 'Cooking Light' magazine. So...... what kind of fun did you have on Saturday evening....? Please tell me it was more event full.


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