What? You had something better to do?

I took down the Christmas tree. Took the lights, beads, ribbons and ornaments and put them in the respective boxes and then dismantled the tree. It's fake. Sue me. I don't have time to go out and cut one down and haul it in the house and then water it!

Speed likes to sit on boxes.

The Christmas tree was in this corner. And yes, the walls are yellow. Not my choice. My oldest daughter, who no longer lives with me, thought my walls should be yellow and gray green. I haven't had time to repaint. Maybe this summer.

Now, would someone please come by and move the tree box back down to the garage? Speed refused to lift heavy objects.

And then yesterday. I bought this at Target. It's a CD bookcase. I don't have that many CD's that I require a bookcase to hold them, but I thought it would look cute next to the computer desk.

So, on my way home from tanning, because tanning is important right now, in the middle of this gray and rainy stuff that is going on in the wonderful Pacific NW. I stopped off at Chipotle's. It has become a Saturday night habit for me. Fajita burrito with chicken and guacamole. I can get two meals out of this thing. It is huge!

And of course, my evening of assembling and eating wouldn't be complete with out some form of liquid refreshment. So tonight it was this.

Speed thought he would try to help. But really.... he just likes to check things out and make sure I'm doing them right.


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