1. Declutter bedroom.
2. Buy or find a dresser to buy.....Brent finally decided he needed his.... which I was borrowing....only because he never wanted to take it with him.... so I'm out a small dresser, which housed my pj's and swimsuits and other small stuff...AND it had a cute mirror on the top. I found one on Craigslist. Hopefully they'll take my offer and I can go get it tomorrow night. I'll keep you updated.
3. Put laundry away. The Mazatlan trip is over. Even if I don't get to wear short pants, I need to put them away.
4. Go grocery shopping ..... again. Had 12 people over for dinner on Saturday evening. Family. I cooked a big pot of our favorite tortilla soup and also made stuffed peppers, empanadas and a cilantro-jicama coleslaw salad. The soup... it's gone.
5. Make Chocolate Chip Cookies and send to Chris. I didn't get any made on Saturday and he left to go back to CA this morning. He leaves for Afganistan in April. Yes..... I almost lost it this morning hugging him good-bye.
6. Clean out closet. Why am I such a packrat?
7. Work on taxes. yippy.....


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