I can not concentrate on anything lately. I'll chock some of it up the the lingering remnants of this cold, but most of it is because Chris left yesterday for Afghanistan. The situation is different and so he hadn't been able to call along the way. Like he did when he went to Iraq. All I know is that he has left the country. He did call Sunday evening, but he was still in California. He didn't know where they were flying to after that, so I told him to call when he could and was seriously hoping that it would be around 6 am the next morning. But, he hasn't called. When I know something, I'll let you know.

My grandfather served in World War I. He was "called up" in 1917. He wasn't married and served a couple years in France and Germany. He didn't tell us many stories. I don't know if it was because of the conditions, or that he just didn't want to be there and hated seeing the suffering.

My other grandfather didn't get "called up". He was too young. My ex-father-in-law served on a Frigate during the Korean War. I have two cousin's whose husbands both served in the Army in Vietnam.

My father went to West Point for 18 months, but didn't want to make it a career.

I'm very proud of the family members who have chosen to serve their country, but as a mother, I'm scared to death.


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