Change No. 1

First the gal put my hair in a pony tail. Left about 12 inches below the elastic and then... CUT. A couple other gals came over to watch. "Aren't you nervous?" they asked me. "Nope, this is not the first time I've cut it short." Then she proceeded to color and... look... look close.. I have HIGHLIGHTS! I've never ever had highlights. Aren't they cool!?!?!? So, now I've got to go get that pony tail ready to mail off to Locks of Love. And you know what else... I need new clothes. I need some cute capri's and some cute tops and cute sandals. I could also stand to loose some weight.... maybe in change 3 or 4. Let's not rush too much. :-)


    so much better! very brave of you.


    So Brave! And well worth it - Looks Fab-U-Lous!


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