1. I do not have cable tv.
2. I do not have a car less than 3 years old. My youngest car is a 2002 Honda Accord.
3. I do not have many multiple magazine subscriptions. Only National Geographic and Cooking Light.
4. I do not have natural colored hair anymore. I dye it and it is so long it get's tucked in my pants from time to time.
6. I do not have acrylic nails.
7. I do not have a fancy watch. It's a Timex.
8. I don't have lots of makeup. I only use mascara. Max Factor would go broke waiting for me to buy their stuff.

What don't you have... and could care less about?


    1) A lot of money.

    2) A big house.

    3) A lot of Stuff to prove how wealthy I am.

    4) A husband.

    5) ...ok. This is hard. I'm moving on.


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