We have been talking with Brent and Ashley about their plans for the 'rehearsal' dinner, wedding and reception. We reassured them that we are willing to help with all expenses normally incurred by the groom's family.

They have decided on a barbecue theme for the dinner, so we will provide some meats, rolls and a light dessert. Brent says you want to provide some salads, and are getting some tables and chairs. Whatever you are willing and able to provide is greatly appreciated.

T***** and I will be at the coast for a few days prior to the weekend, and will arrive in Beaverton on July 24. We plan to finalize our preparations that day and Friday morning if needed. We talk with Brent and Ashley regularly, so will discuss any other details with them.



Is there anything you see wrong with this plan? Do you need details or do you just let things happen and hope for the best? Do I just show up with salads many? It's gone from 25-50. Where is it now? What kind of meat? What kind of salads should I prepare? Do you need table clothes, dishes, silverware, glasses? What is everybody drinking? Were you planning on providing the drink? What about centerpeices? Do you see where I'm going with this? HELP! Or not help. I don't know.


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