$ of driving to the airport..... zero dollars. (ask me if you want to know why)
I thought since I had to be at the airport, you might like the view.....lalalalalala....

$ to park car in this lovely parking garage....$9
Isn't it a lovely place. Green plants growing everywhere.

Beautiful structure. Did you know the company I work for is working at the airport? Three jobs. Two are on the 'inside' of the airport and one is on the 'outside'. In other words, two are on taxiways and one is on the road to and from the airport.

Great skylight.

What.....I can't go past here?? I knew who was working on the 'outside' of the airport and he just happened to be working near where the plane was to be docking.

Do Not Enter???? Why NOT? I'm only armed with a camera! And I got a phone call the minute the plane was at the gate. It's who you know.... not what you know.
I have someone important to meet!!!

$ of seeing this kid after him being in Afghanistan for 4 months........PRICELESS doesn't even cover it.

Ahhhhh... There he is!!!

An HOUR flight delayed, but He's HOME!

(He's not crying, he's hiding his face. He knew I'd be there with camera in hand)

Chris is now in Oregon!

And there was much rejoicing and hugging. The end.


    Yayy! I'll bet your refrigerator's stocked up and ready to go. Give him a hug for me!


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