my cell phone. Chris should be home by the end of this month. Then if I miss a call from him, at least I'll know that I can call him back. I haven't missed one yet.

Chris called this morning, after I got to work. He's getting antsy. He said that he just works out in the gym every evening, stays up late watching tv shows and then sleeps in, but he eats two good meals a day....being that he sleeps in, he misses breakfast.

He said that phone cards cost $20 for 90 minutes. He said that buying that phone card is the highlight of the day. I said, the phone call is the highlight of my day.

So, does anyone want to come over and help me get his room back in order... I've been using it as easy storage and my winter clothes closet. Oh, and the wedding is this weekend. Ya. I don't have much to do....pffffft.


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