My Saturday nights aren't always boring and dull. Sometimes, rarely, but sometimes, I get to eat dinner and visit with a friend. This friend was up in the Portland area with her family because her 5th son got married to a gal from West Linn. Valli lives in California. She and I went to college for one year together. She lived in the dorm room beneath mine. She is hilarious. I love her to death. Once, while we were at school in Hawaii, she had me paper punch a bunch of colored paper. She said it was so she could decorate a box for her brother. So, I did. Paper punched a lot of colored dots. Then we went to dinner at the cafeteria. We all got sat down and ate.... don't remember what, but I'm sure it included pineapple, anyway after eating dinner, Valli produced a cupcake and put a candle in it and then everyone proceeded to sing Happy Birthday to me.... and Valli decorated me with all the colored punched dots I had created earlier. She if funny like that. She once sent me a card... for no reason.... she had written a note inside.... using her toes. Valli, I wish we lived closer to each other!!!

We are older but our friendship, even tho many miles and years apart, has never changed.

The meal from the wedding reception. The colors were beautiful. Pale pinks and yellows. The dinner was delicious. Chicken skewer, Penna pasta, tomato with mozzarella cheese, watermelon with marionberries, various cheeses and a dinner roll. The picture above my plate is one from college. I know you can't see it very well, but Valli and I are standing together in the middle.


    This is like the happiest blog EVAH!! So MUCH really good stuff going on in your world!

    Let the celebrations and happiness continue!!!!


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