I'm in this photo, but I'll let you guess which one I am. I'm sorry it's not a great picture. It is old, you know....like 1974 or 75 old. (Probabaly taken in the fall of 1974, but we all graduated in May of 1975) I was in the Pep Club. We sat together at the school sporting events....okay, 2 sporting events... basketball and football. We had uniforms. Black and orange. Sometimes we wore black short sleeved sweaters with black pants and our emblem in the middle of the sweater and our name on the bottom edge of the sweater, but mostly we wore these orange.. oh, wait... this is a black and white photo.. sorry... The sweaters are orange and I mean pumpkin orange. You don't try-out for Pep Club, you get chosen. I didn't get chosen my sophomore year in high school, but once your are chosen, you're in for the rest of high school. My mom was in Pep Club, my older girl cousins (Hi Vicki, Jill & Bonnie) were in Pep Club.....and I made it into Pep Club my Junior year. This was not a sorority.... I don't think many of this group has kept in touch with the other. Well I do hear from the girl on the front row, left. Her name is Val. This picture is the Senior group of girls for Pep Club. I was asked by a friend to help gather some pictures for a presentation he was doing. He's going to send me the PowerPoint presentation when he's done....like Monday. I will share it with you only if I get his permission. I'll give you a couple days to figure out which chick I am and then you can tell me.....how much I've changed. :-)


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