I've known since...forever, that I was adopted. All of my siblings are adopted. I get asked often. If I want to know who my 'birth' parents are. The answer. No. I don't care to know. I know who my 'REAL' parents are. They are the ones who helped me when I fell. Who stayed up with me when I was sick. Who helped me learn to ride a bike. They were the ones who took me on many fun family vacations - and still do. They are the ones who have stood by me through thick and thin. I love them eternally. I don't need 'closure'. I don't need life turned on its ear. I don't need someone elses life disrupted. I know of adoptee's who have met up with their 'birth' family and it didn't make their life any better. Sure, some it does, but I don't want to get into that situation. I like my life. I love my parents. Enough said.


    I don't think I knew you were adopted. I love these.


    I was only 5 days old when they got me.


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