Did 3+ miles tonight on a new treadmill. The one at the Tualatin Parks and Rec doesn't have the tv part on it, but it has animation and you can see how far you would have gone around a track or a nature trail. Still makes for tired hips. But I feel like I can do the 10K bridge walk this Sunday without having to be picked up by the bus for taking too much time to cross the bridge. (how embarassing). And I did the 3+ miles in less than one hour. That's good for me. I'm not a runner... so there will be NONE of that. Just brisk walking. Then. At the end. CLAM CHOWDER...yummmmmm.

Tomorrow. I get my hair cut and colored. It needs it. I might take a before and after... I said MIGHT! Don't hold your breath.

Until then... Where's the Advil?


    I hope the chowder was delicious!


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