So.... Sunday afternoon I'm at the Trans Siberian Orchestra concert. By myself. It's a great concert. LOUD. Lots of lights. Even snow. They played for almost 3 hours straight. And I had bought a large diet coke before I went in. Did you read that previous part. 3 hours without a break. Sure, I could have gotten up and crawled across a half a dozen people, one who could have been a contestant on The Biggest Loser. But I didn't. I sat there. I enjoyed the show. Especially the first 2 1/2 hours. The last half my bladder was screaming at me. There was even pyrotechnics. Yes. Flames. Fireworks. And then the show was over. And as we all drained from the belly of the Rose Garden Arena and as the women's bathrooms began to fill with other women who had probabaly had a large diet coke..or something to their liking, a shrill siren goes off...."A fire has been reported in the building. Please go to the nearest exit."

There aren't any bathrooms outside.....What would you do?

Small postscript: After the concert. I had a 45 minute MAX ride back to my car....


    I would pee first. :)

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    Oh my. THREE hours. That's waaaayyy too long for my teeny bladder.


    This makes me think of the time that I had to pee in my pants while stuck in traffic. Yes, you read that correctly.

    So, did you run into the ladies room anyway?


    Totally went to the ladies room. Screw any fire alarm!


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