7 Days:3  Feeding the critters

The six neighborhood squirrels just love the Hazelnuts and the little birds like the tiny bird seed.

The patio table now has over 10" covering it.

I don't have all my Christmas shopping done, and I'm not sure if I'm going to get it all done. Do you think gift cards are too tacky? The roads are covered with packed snow, but I don't have the chains put on my car yet, so I've been pretty much home bound for the last 4 days. And then, earlier today, the power went out. It was only out for about 2 hours so the house didn't get too cold. I now have a warm fire going to keep the cold at bay.

Speed the Cat, who is an indoor/outdoor cat, got out for a few minutes. He doesn't really like the snow, but thought the squirrel was entertaining. Trust me. He can't catch the squirrel.


    I say gift cards are fine, especially if the other option is putting on snow chains.


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