My name is Brenda.

Jodi is my sister.

She has red hair.

Mine is brown.

She is taller than me.

But then, really....most people are.

I am the oldest.

She is sort of the middle child.

(When you're #3 of 4 how do you get a middle child?)

The tag line..."Very good, Jodi" was spoken by my dad. I don't recall why. I'll have to ask him one of these days.

It has been a phrase much used in the family when there is something very good that has happened. Or really anything good that has happened.

Like.... not spilling food while passing it around the table (even tho it almost happened)

or.......having happy hour in Mazatlan sans alcohol and with popcorn, especially on the day we all arrive.

or......more important things, like....Brent marrying Ashley, Mom having a successful knee replacement surgery, making it safely to all the Christmas functions, loosing 10 lbs., and Chris arriving home safely from Afghanistan and then a few months later being honorably discharged from the Marines. (these are not in order of their happening)

When Chris was out of Afghanistan and at his first stop in the long flight home, he called... and those were the first words out his mouth on the phone to me.

So see, some family phrases past the test of time and this one.... it will be around for a very long time.


    On January 10, 2009 at 4:07 PM Anonymous said...

    Great story!
    It's funny what "sticks" in a family.

    Have a happy weekend Jodi/Brenda!


    That was a funny family tale.

    I am completely jealous that you live by Bob's. Now you are on my bff list for sure. Thanks for sharing that tid bit.


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