Crazy weather

A view from my window at work. Blech. It's suppose to melt by noonish.


It better!

In two weeks... I'll be here.


    Come down here. We're wearing capris here today!


    My capris will soon be in a suitcase headed for Mazatlan. :-)


    Book I am reading is not limited to one - long story - I must read for both myself (pleasure) and school (Survivor Book Club - young adult selections), so...
    The Shack is what I have started for myself.
    I am reading Weedflower for school.
    And you? What did you read last?


    Oh wow - looks amazing. The hubby and I went to Mayan Riviera in Sept. and it was amazing. Been going to the tanning bed??


    Yes. Debbie. I've been doing the fake tan-sun theraphy routine. I'll still take along the sun screen.


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