Komfort Trailers

Yes. That year is right. 1992. That's two of my five kids. They only wanted to have two kids in the ad. They didn't think that an average family would have five kids. Go figure.

(That's my now ex. He was an accountant for this travel trailor manufactuer. We were suppose to get a dinner paid for this, but I don't recall getting any dinner.)

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    Neat that you have an ad with your kids in it! Cool pic! Happy Fx4!


    Wow!! You guys look great!


    I think I would demand a dinner for that!!

    Cool picture!


    Hey ... If the picture is still floating around shouldn't you be collecting royalties?

    Maybe they already knew that people with large families couldn't afford their campers, how did you decide which kids to use?

    Thanks for joining in and happy Fx4



    Well look at you! Can you imagine only having 2 kids...How did you pick the two for the pic?


    If they're still in business you should go back and demand your dinner!


    What an odd thing from them to ask you....only two kids. The picture gets me excited from Spring...if it ever gets here.

    Happy Friday!

    My giveaway ends Sunday...check it out if you haven't already. :D


    Very cool to have the kiddos in an ad.


    thats neat! I can't believe they didn't pay you for it. How times have changed!


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