Brenda in curlers with Doug

Like last week's Phavorite Phriday Photo, I'm still featuring my brother. Since last weeks photo was of 1975, I thought I'd flip the numbers and show you one from 1957. Mom had put me in curlers. Ya. I came with a lot of hair. Doug... not so much. And to this day... he still doesn't have much hair, but he still makes that face.

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    Aw, too cute. I love the curlers and Doug's funny face.


    Oh. My. Stars!! That is so awesome!!!


    Great memory!! That's awesome:-)


    I have more than a couple phun photos that resemble it!


    I love the texture of the ottoman (foot stool as we rednecks call 'em). I even imagine it was that baby poop green color - the color of a frig. we had at my parents' house growing up. I think we had a stove that color, too. It is a cross between baby shit and moss. Nice image, huh?


    What a great picture. I love the clarity of it and how your hair is all curled up.


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