wacky wires


almost done with the sconce


all done with picture over the fireplace

My family room is very dark. The only natufal light comes from one window in the kitchen/dining area and the patio door. And, well, my backyard is very shaded. The house had sconces up before but they got taken down years ago and I hung a long shelf over the fireplace. I knew I wanted to hang my beach boardwalk picture above the fireplace, but didn't quite know how to make it happen. And I wanted sconces again... for light. I'm sorry you can't see the sconces very good... because I had them turned on, but they match the paint so they blend in when they aren't on and when they are on....I can see!


    I think they look great! I like lots of light in a room too. I've never understood how people can read or get anything accomplished in a poorly lit room. My problem now is that our living room faces the street and sidewalk. Everybody can see right in. I'm waiting on my pretty new sheers to come in! They are brown and gold but I hope they still let enough natural light in.


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