Lucky Leprechaun baggies

I'm not Irish. Not that I know of. But I think we all need a little luck. Ever since my kids were in grade school, I thought we needed to celebrate a this particular holiday. Just for the fun of trying to find a hidden object. So, I would create something to be their Lucky Leprechaun. One year it was a small black cauldren filled with gold (chocolate) coins. Another year it was a gold metal cup filled with Yellow M/M's. The next year it was green Matchbox cars. Every year it's something different. And every year, they had to hunt through the house to find their "Lucky Leprechaun". This year. It's what you see above. A bag with Green M/M's. There is a Gold Cadbury (without the creme filling) in the center. Before I hid them, I tied $5 to each bag. Hey. Money is green.

And because I need a Lucky Leprechaun... I made myself this:

Happy St. Patty's Day

And, yes, a lot of M/M's were consumed during the assemblying of the "Lucky Leprechaun" bags. Lots.



    What a great idea!


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