My mom is the the middle. Her brother, my uncle, is on the left, my aunt is on the right. They are still alive (my mom was born in 1933...for a reference point) and I am very lucky to know them. They are some of my most phavorite people.

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    What a nice keepsake photo! I am sure it brings back great memories for your mom! Beautiful picture!

    Found you via Carrie's


    I love the glued on curls...No really I love these pictures. I wish I had pics like these.


    I love the pin curls. very cute.


    i love how you post these old photos. my mom just got several film slides converted to negatives so that we could have print or digital copies of the pictures. they are all from when she was first married or when my dad was in the army (1960s). it's so nice to see and have them after all these years of the slides sitting in a box.


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