It's a sad day

Ignoring me

Speed.... you will be missed.

This cat was not mine. He's lived at my house off and on for the past few years. He was my oldest daughter's cat. He was left behind by someone. She found him. Caught him and rescued him. He got an infection in the sack around his lungs and the antibotics that we were giving him didn't work. Chris took him to the vet today. One week after I had taken him... but he wasn't recovering. He is now buried in the backyard. He was a sweet cat.


    oh that's sad! i'm sorry... it was a bad day when we took our family dog, tipper, to the vet and had to have her put down. she was pretty old and really tired. we had her for 12 years i think. :( animals do something that i don't feel anything or anyone else can. and they don't even talk! i hope you get feeling better soon! :)


    So sorry. He looks like a very sweet guy. We have a dog that has been with us for 11 or 12 years. He's not slowing down but he is making some messes in the house. My husband thinks I don't like the dog much (it was his dog before we got married) but I'm really going to have problems deciding when it's 'time' for him to go. He has a heart of gold and has been by my side for so long. It will be my first time to lose a pet. It's amazing how attached we get to our animals!


    Oh. I hate losing pets. It's always so sad. We lost a favorite cat last year, but don't know what happened to him. At least you have an answer, as little as that may help.


    I'm so sorry about Speed.


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