I've been busy and it's only going to get busier.


We got the contract on the I-5 job and got it all processed and sent back.

Sub-contracts have been coming in like mad and I have to process them all...then they go to R then to S then to B and then the set-up comes to me and I have to make files...right now.. I'm making lots of files! OH, and I have to mail the subcontracts back to the Prime. And insurance. I have to order the insurance for the contracts and I don't even understand all of that stuff.

If you are a vendor calling us about something, which we don't need, and you are cold calling.... You're going to get transferred to George. George isn't a real person. He's a voice mail. I love George.

I got hanging plants at work. Yea. Flowers. Hopefully the hummingbird will show back up.

I get to start working with the Project Manager for the I-5 job. It will only be 1/2 days, but I'm really excited to work with him.


Brent has moved in. And all of his and Ashley's belongings are in my garage and in my front room. I'm just glad I have a room for him and space for their stuff. Ashley is feeling better and they had a great time in Hawaii. Brent came back very tan. Oh, and he's going to be going back to work at Nordstrom's. Hopefully Ashley can get over here soon.

Speed the cat has an infection in the sack around his lungs. I spent $380 to find this out. The poor guy. We didn't know he even had an infection. Just one day he looked like he had lost a lot of weight and wasn't eating. He's on 2 different pills and he's starting to breathe a little better.

The garden is planted. Let me know if you want any of the tomatoes or butternut squash come harvest time... I'll have plenty.

I went to the Doobie Bros. Concert on Friday night. FANTASTIC! I loved it.

My parents are in good health. Not that there were any worries. Just letting you know that my 75 almost 76 year old parents are doing well. Mom had a knee replacement last November and has recovered quite well. We're trying to talk her into doing the other knee. She needs it.

Jodi and I went to the Celtic Woman a week ago Saturday. Again. FANTASTIC! It was her birthday present.

Phone Calls

Have you been getting those calls.... those warranty calls about your car? Ya. Me too. Only at work. ANNOYING! I got them back. I complained to the FTC. Then the next time they called... now mind you..... I had hit the #1 button to talk to a representative muliple times and asked to have our number removed....."it will take up to 24 hours", well, after 5 days of still receiving these calls.... MULTIPLE times a day, I told them that I had reported their practice to the FTC. Ya. They haven't called back since. I was polite. I wasn't rude.

I have a work cell phone. I'm on Verizon. If you want to call me... let me know.... JUST KIDDING! My personal phone is a Palm Centro with Sprint with a data plan. I love it.

I haven't had a land line for years.

Memorial Day Weekend

My plans... I don't really have any plans, but we are suppose to have really nice weather! SHOCK! I may got to the beach for part of the weekend. My parents are going to be at the beach house. It's very relaxing there and they have free WiFi.


email me...... I'll get back to you as-soon-as-possible. Maybe next week.


    Oh, I want a George!


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