The position working with the project manager is still crazy, but I think I've gotten a handle on it... somewhat. Never say you know what your doing, because they'll throw something new at you and turn your cart upside down. I am learning a lot. Huge amounts of stuff. Like phase terms...any many new acronyms. Not that any of this will make me more profitable to anyone else...but it is interesting.

I'm also doing 7 Days again.

Day 1 was before and after.

7 Days: Day 1 ~ She does her hair.

Day 2 had a theme. Relax. My way of relaxing... go tanning,.

7 Days:2 ~ When the sun goes away, I go fake.

I only tanned for 14 minutes... but promptly fell asleep in the tanning bed. We had rain today, and it was coolish... so this felt really good.

I'll try to post daily.... until the end of the 7 Day run... then I make no promises.


    Tanning on a rainy day rocks!!


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