Let it SNOW?????

What a crazy week. I'm exhausted. I woke up Tuesday morning to this:

This is a unusual sight in the Portland area. We rarely have snow. Freezing rain, sure, but not snow. My home is only at 500 ft. above sea level. I don't even own a snow shovel. I'm not afraid of it. I learned to drive in Idaho, during the winter. I grew up with snow. Feet and feet of it. Drifting across the fences deep snow. But, the other 90% of the people around here, haven't. That makes for scary driving. Some of you have probably seen the video of the car that was bouncing off of other cars. I'd link to it, but the computer I'm using has issues with video's like you-tube.

And the tiki lanterns in the backyard don't look too happy either.

Then. I had to drive to work. We all thought it was going to melt by lunch time. Snow doesn't usually stick around here for more than a few hours.

But, after I got to work, my boss said to go home.... but I said... let me wait and see if the mail carrier comes...so I waited until about 9:45 am, and then I left. It took me an hour to get home. I slipped, I slid, I was all over the back roads, because the main roads were clogged up with truckers who couldn't get up hills. I did not, however, hit anyone or was hit by anyone. But I was exhausted by the time I got home. I took a nap.

Now the scene looks more like this:

And I discovered this about to bloom! You do realize, that spring is just 60 days away. :-)


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