So, I told you that mom had surgery for some kind of hernia. Very female and I didn't want to know the whole name.

Anyway, surgery goes good and mom gets to go home on that following Monday. But mom is not one to follow directions, especially if she isn't feeling well. Mom doesn't eat or drink, thus causing dehydration. Dad has to take her back up to the hospital to emergency on Thursday where she has an MRI to check for any internal bleeding and then they start pumping her with fluids. Her excuse for not eating and drinking was that it made her nauseous and the last thing she wanted to do was throw up. She only had to stay the day at the hospital with strict orders to eat and drink. So, I thought, what more would I like, if I had to eat and drink.


So, I stirred up two kinds of soup. Clam Chowder and Homemade Chicken Noodle. Of course, you can tell by the pots, that I don't make just one or two servings and this picture was taken after I took out the soup for mom and dad. I now have multiple containers in my fridge and freezer of soup. Awwwwwww....... left overs. And when it's not even above freezing! SOUP! and some french bread from the store.

So, this is what I took to moms. I also stopped at the store and got a loaf of French Bread.

There's about 8 cups of soup in each container. Which ended up being a good thing, because when I got to mom and dad's, mom told me that my aunt and uncle from Idaho were on there way and should be there in a couple hours. Had I known, I would of brought more. Well, since I did freeze some, I can take more over to mom later.

Then... I had to bake cookies. Mom loves chocolate chip cookies with walnuts. I'm not the best chocolate chip cookies baker, but they turned out just fine.

I froze a couple bags for later.

Then. I went outside. This is what I saw. Let me remind us all what the date is. J A N U A R Y.

It's JANUARY. I took the picture on January 13. I think my daffodils are mixed up.


    Hm... Could you make some Lobster Bisque? Broccoli and Cheddar? My address is....


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