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Chris flew back down to CA today. He leaves for Iraq on Jan. 27. I was in tears all day.

My mom had a scheduled surgery today.... for a hernia. I haven't heard yet how she's doing.

*Surgery had to be post-poned, due to an emergency. Not mom. Somebody else. Surgery is now scheduled for Saturday.

**Mom's surgery went well, and she is back at home. 1/8/07

I had a blow out with the girls last night.

*Girls are moving out. It's hard having 3 alfa females in the house. Well actually just 2, but the other one follows the example of her sister.

This is not a good start to the new year. I want do-overs.


    Hey. Thanks for the link. Hope everything's ok, though it sounds like the goings-on in your house are like mine. I'll email you soon.


    I hear you! Did you see how my New Year started? It's slowly improving. I'll send good vibes your way. :)


    But you have a fun new blog and you can vent to us!

    Offline - email me - your son's address in the sandbox :) I make MAD care packages.


    I didn't realize that your Chris was on his way to Iraq. I would be in tears too. Mine has 2.5 years before he will be active duty. Doesn't seem very long now.

    Sorry about your girls. It is very hard for women to live together.

    Take care.


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