My poor flowers had to endure snow this morning.

Snow on the gate.

We had hail by lunch time and I have a couple great avi files and I'd share, if I could figure out how to put them here. Suggestions are welcome.


And my first letter from Chris. He has very small handwriting/printing. The envelope was postmarked Feb. 18, but I'm not sure when he wrote it.

I'll translate.

Where I'm at makes it a lot harder to communicate. We are in smaller buildings and it's only platoon size. We don't have internet and only one phone. This area is really quiet. These people are farmers trying to live their lives. Some of the guys are on edge, thinking that we're gonna get blown up or shot at by any and every car. I just laugh because these people are peacefull. Whatever though.

Don't worry about sendin' me stuff like last year. The only thing that would be nice to have is Chunky Soup or any other type of good food. (I sent 4 cans of Campbells Chunky Soup on Monday along with Peanut M & M's and Oreo's) ........I haven't taken as many pictures as I was thinkin, I might just make it a monthly thing. It's hard to get into a routine because the things that we do are on funky schedules. Plus my living space is limited so it's a little more difficult to manage. I really don't know what to tell you. Missions are long but the deployment is going pretty smooth. We have pretty much everything we need.

I guess we can just do things like last year and you guys ask me a bunch of questions and I'll see if I can't answer them and maybe take pictures. So that's about it I guess. I'm not gonna be able to write all the time but I'll see what I can do. So don't freak out. I'm not worried about anything around here. I got a few of your letters already just to let you know. I'll talk/write you later.

Love, Chris


SO.... if any of you have any questions.....mine revolve around.... Are you warm, dry, clean, eating enough, sleeping okay? Do you need a pillow, sunscreen, gum, homemade cookies?


    You be sure to let me know if his platoon needs an emergancy infusion of oreos or something. I'm just blocks from teh grocery store and the post office. He sounds calm and safe, which is wonderful.


    It's just as easy to send one care package as two - send me his address!!


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