Well, okay. It was just a few twirls. But in my book. That's a happy dance and the one I do whenever Chris gets the chance to call, which he did, today, this afternoon and I didn't MISS it!!!

He sounds really good and told me a couple times..."Don't get freaked out if I don't call once a week." See, they have only one phone, between 40+ guys and they have to use some other kind of phone card (not AT&T phone cards) to charge up minutes on the phone. They are stationed somewhere northwest of Fallujah in a small farming community, but he wasn't quite sure of how it was pronounced, but it was sort of like Sacajweah....ya... like the Lewis & Clark guide, but even then, it's not quite like that. He said the people are really nice and invite them in for soda's and food. I told him that I had sent one package on Monday, but he hasn't gotten it yet, and I sent another today. They have a microwave, so I said.. Yeah... I can send popcorn... he replied... ya, if ya want. He's hard to feed. But, he liked the soup variety that I was sending.

He also will be sending home his camera memory card, so hopefully I have some pictures to put up on his blog page (ya, I created him a blog...the link is to the right). He said that the scenery is the same everyday, so he didn't have to much to take pictures of, but I said...just take pictures and I'll download them, burn them and send the card back. He said his one card is full (but, see, I sent him two other cards, which he has) so, keep your fingers crossed, I'll get his memory card soon.

In the meantime, because you have asked, his address is:
Lcpl. Larson, Christian
2/7 Fox Co. 3rd Plt.
Unit 41555
FPO AP 96426-1555

He said mail is slow to them, because they are in an outlying area. They may be switched to somewhere else, where they might have internet. I said, 'I'd rather your mail be slow and you in a safe place.' You know... mom stuff.

So..... I'll be doing the happy dance for a few days. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers and know they go both ways.


    I am officially putting him on my to do list. He likes soup? In the desert? Anything he's allergic to that we should know about?


    I know, weird, huh. I think it's because some of their missions are at night, when it's cooler.

    He's not allergic to anything. I just packed another box, this one included fruit cocktail.

    Don't go overboard and send a note telling him to SHARE! I mean, he will anyway, but I always think there is some kid out there, who isn't getting packages and that just breaks my heart.


    Cookies and assorted snacks are on their way. I put a little note in there but you might want to let him know you actually know me so he doesn't think the stuff has been poisoned.


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