My odometer did this:

Numbers on Odometer 1

Okay. The first number, is the mileage since I filled up last Friday. It's the second number. The total. Just kinda cool.

Then.... this:

Numbers on my odometer

Now.... that's kind of cool looking.

Then at 3:30 pm........ I had to do this:


Assume the position.


Everything looks fine.

And.... My blood pressure was down. AMAZING! But, I'm still only 5 ft tall. drats.


    Why is it, no matter how fat I scooch my ass down the doctor always says, "scoot down a little."???

    You ARE the Queen of Coolness.


    You. Brought. Your. CAMERA!

    Laughing hysterically :)

    I'm with Debbie - your ass is haning off the edge and its like they need that extra piece of control, like they don't have that anyway, and make you move further down!


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