Not having to wear my phone in my bra (what? you don't wear your phone in your bra?) all weekend long because

this child finally called after 6 weeks! He's been moved. Out of the farm side to somewhere further east. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. He is in with 6 other platoons and living in what they call "Hotel Rivera". He said that I should stop sending soup and please mom... "no more chocoate, I'm going to get sick on it." My reply. SHARE IT! He also wondered why I put Hotwheels cars and toys from Happy Meals, and I said..."because they make good space fillers. Just give them AWAY!" I don't know why I have to remind this kid about sharing.

Listening to "Somewhere over the Rainbow" sung by the voices of these beautiful Celtic Women, on my fun iPod. It clips to my shirt! and it holds a gig of music.

Have No. 1 son come over to wash and wax No. 3 son's car. He does get to drive it while his brother is in Iraq, so he should take care of it!

Having my truck fixed! YAHOOOOO! No. 2 son and No. 3 son took it to Idaho to see their dad over a year ago, and blew the transmission while racing some girls (image that, boys chasing girls). I didn't have the money to have it fixed, so the wonderful guys at the shop at work, agreed to do it when they had time.

And the leaves on this tree are small but they create an unbrella in the backyard, so I don't need and umbrella over my picnic table or a cover on my patio.

And the wonderful blue/purple color of my bluebells. The just make me smile.

And last but not least.....Super Glue - for attaching my crown, on-lay, cap... whatever that thing is covering my non-existant tooth. I have a dentist appointment on Tuesday. The gal laughed at me and said..."use toothpaste or vaseline next time."


    I totally wear my phone in my bra when I don't have pockets and we go to the park/beach/store without a bag. But I'm so small busted that it gives me a very square boob.


    You guys wear your phone in your bras? I have never heard of that! I'm totally going to try it though.

    Super glue? Ick.


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