This whole week has been discombobulated. Work has been really busy. The airport job starts on May 14, but I've been busting my hiney to get the binders done for the two project managers (10 binders in all), get the good faith efforts done for two other bids, which we got... wooo hooo! and house/dog sit for my friend/boss for three days and two nights. And I don't feel like my synapes are all firing correctly, which makes for a rather lopsided feeling. I'm just chalking that up to stress.

So, on Saturday, I make a list of things I need to get at the store... okay, it was a mental list, but I was out to get AA batteries for my camera. First I go to Jack-in-the-Box, for a medium Diet Coke. All is good. Then stop at Powell's Book Store.... awwww....I was looking for something specific, but quickly got distracted by these books. They were on sale.

Then, as I was looking for the sewing book I wanted, I realized that I didn't have my cell phone with me!!!!! NO CELL PHONE!!! ARGUH!!! I'm thinking..... okay, it's okay... no one is going to call... Not even Chris... Keep telling yourself this... no one is going to call... it's okay. Forget the sewing book, get out of here! I get checked out. Run/walk to the car. Drive safely/quickly home (it's only 2 miles). Find phone on bed. Breath HUGE sigh of relief. No one has called. Specifically - CHRIS - has not called. Since he doesn't call often, I just can't miss a call when he does.

So, phone back in purse, I head back out for some 'mental-list' shopping. Remember, double A batteries, try to remember to pick up AA batteries. La-De-Da, I'm at Joann's, still looking for that sewing book, or something similar, but didn't find what I wanted, but I did get some quilting templates that were on closeout. I also went to the Mill End Store and got some Timtex and oogle over all the pretty fabric. Then I stop at the Orowheat outlet store and get some bread so I can have a peanut butter with spun honey sandwich when I get home. I went to Safeway to get some milk and dinner fixings, but still, I forget the batteries.

Back at home, I decide that while I'm doing a couple loads of laundry, I should clean the laundry room. I got the screen and window put back on the screen door (I had to remove them to put in a 'cat' door, while Jessica lived here for two months) and I swept and decided that I really have too much craft stuff in the cupboards and that I really need to 'Goodwill' a lot of it.

Around 5pmish, I remember... BATTERIES! sheesh, so I'm off to Target. This time, I wrote my self a note. Hair color and AA Batteries. So, what did I get at Target.


(because Stephanie and I are in a weight loss challenge and I need all the help I can get)

and this


I forgot the batteries. Again.


    Of course you did.

    But you did get the "Great Panda Adventure"! Don't tell Dillon.


    Loving the sparkly nail polish. Remember, clear base, two coats, clear top - looks like a pro did it. Stays for awhile!


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