This past weekend was spent flying (okay, not actually flying, but it felt like it) up and down the Columbia River with the Formula Rendezvous. My boss/friend bought that big 34 ft. boat this past January, and was invited to the annual Northwest Formula Rendezvous. It started at 44th and Marine Drive along the Columbia, but we had to come from downtown Portland, down the Willamette River and onto the Columbia. We got to the boat around 7 am and started packing the food and bedding onto the boat and left the mooring around 9:00 am. We made it to the 44th Street ramp close to 9:45 am. Just when we were suppose to. Then we got lined up and headed towards Cathlamet, Washington. Lewis and Clark stopped there. Anyway, there were 14 boats in all, ranging in size from 28 ft to 40+ ft. We were number 4 in line. The weather was cool, and luckily we didn't get rained on. But the water had a few white caps from time to time. The boats all follow, so the front one, it's the largest, cuts the wake for the next and so on and so on. But, now by what I meant by flew. We were only going 30 mph, but it sure felt a lot faster. And to see all those boats going the same speed was quite impressive. Now.... you really don't want to know how many gallons of gas we went through. YIKES! I have pictures, but they are on the camera and I don't have much of a photo editor on this laptop, oh which by the way, is so much fun now that someone in my neighborhood has wifi and I can hook on. I'll get those pictures up later.

In other news. The Oregon State Beavers won the college national championship...AGAIN! WAY TO GO! Their shortstop is Darwin Barney. I knew Darwin when he was just a little kid. He and my son Chris use to play together. Then they moved a bit further away, and it made it harder to get them together. He's a great kid. KID?? He's 21. Sheesh. Anyway.... a couple weeks ago, he was the 4th draft pick and got picked up by the CUBS. It will be a few years before we see him on the actual CUBS team, but in the meantime it will be fun to follow his progress in the minor (farm)league. And I can say, "I knew him when..." Congrats Darwin!

Did I mention that I have a new phone? From work. It is so cool. It plays music! It's an LG VX8300. I had to get a tiiiiiiinie memory card and once I got my music transferred to the card, oh and I had to get an adapter for my headphones, I can listen to my music when I'm working out, without having to take a separate player. Now my phone still goes in my bra when I work out, but I don't have to stress about 'not hearing' it ring (because when I'm working out, I switch it to vibrate and I'd still wonder if I was feeling it. Just never knew for sure how much vibration I would get from the phone...)well, now it pauses the music, so you can tell you've got a call. How cool is that?!? And I can create my own ringtones. Right now it's set to '24 or 6 to 4' from Chicago. You know.... the intro...I went to type it but all you'd get was.ddddd.ddddd.dddd.dddddddd etc. And, if you don't know the intro, then I know you're going... 'What are all those d's about?'

I found an old box of photo's in the attic. Trust me, not because I was looking. Nathan decided he needed some space in the attic while I was gone this weekend. Well, I decided when I got home that he didn't need the space, so all the boxes that he thought should be in one of the bedrooms, got hauled back into the attic. (His bedroom is partially in the attic - walled off, painted and carpeted - it has a little window and the ceiling sloops on both sides and he has two small doors on either side that lead into the attic spaces. It's a cute fun room and one of these days it's going to become my 'reading' room. Or somewhere I can just escape. Actually I'd love to put the computer desk up there and network the house. But, I digress)So, back to the box of pictures. Some were of my ex. I don't know why I had his baby book and random childhood pictures, but I've boxed them up and plan on sending them his way. I also found our wedding book. Not to be confused with our wedding picture album. There wasn't much in the wedding book. Mostly people that came to the receptions and a few pictures. We were just babies! I gave him the ones with his family in them. Not us, just them. His new wife will probably throw them away, but, that's up to her. I just don't need them. I also found all my high school dance pictures, tickets and programs (I'm a major pack rat). I had forgotten about one of the pictures. I don't even remember going on a date with Barry Stevenson. He ended up being our class president and he married Judi Stevenson from the class of '76 and I like Judi a lot, but I don't remember going on a date with Barry. But the dress I was wearing????!! EWWWWW. I know my mom sewed it, but where did we get the awful material. It's amazing how, when you look at those photos, you can remember pretty much most of the evening. Where you had dinner, the other couples you went with. Why you weren't with who you really wanted to be with. (Hi Craig - remember my Senior Prom? and how I had to go with Rob because even tho you were at college, you had said you'd come take me, but you didn't.) There was also some college pictures and of course, I was dumb enough to not write peoples names on most of the pictures, so I have no clue what was going on. One I did reconize where it was taken so I could figure out something about it. It was all the girls from Dorm 2. But I can only locate myself and Karen Halverson. Where were out other roommates? Second thought. Who were our roommates? The picture was either taken in the fall of '75 or spring of '76. There was also an old address book. I wonder what happened to all those people.

Okay. Enough of that. So, what's new in your life?


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