My dad is a wonderful, yet silent man. He doesn't yell or get upset. He gets his point across without a lot of fanfare. And I should have listened to him more. I know we think we know it all when we are young - in our 20's. We think our parents are just - old fashioned - fuddy duddys - out of touch. My parents are only 23 years older than me. Really, that's not a lot. They married in their 20's and I thought, if they can, why can't I. So, I did. And it was a mistake. I should have listened to my dad on that day, when the invitations arrived at the house. "Brenda," he said, "You can call it off right now, if you want. You don't have to go through with it. The money spent doesn't mean anything." I hadn't said anything to my dad about my worries about getting married. Was I doing the right thing? Am I too young? Is this the right guy? But somehow he sensed my reluctance. I should have listened. I would of saved myself many years of heartache. I don't regret the beautiful children I have. I just regret the mistakes I made.

Happy Father's Day Dad!

I listen better now.


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