It's our company Christmas party tomorrow. Friday. It's an all day affair, at least for us office people. Actually, it's been a 6 month affair. My boss/friend has been buying gifts since Father's Day.... because of the good sales for the males species that appear at that time. We have a lot of nice gifts that have been lining the one hall of the office and really causing me grief. Why? Because they are in my way! It's hard to file or rearrange files when you can't move because of a huge cooler or three Margarita mixers or a couple cook sets (pans). And let's not forget the 42" flat screen TV. But wait... there are 3 (three) 15" flat screen tv's. Two huge ladders, one gas grill complete with propane tank, three carpet cleaners and one vacumn. Two Foodsavers, a couple complete sets of Craftman's tools and two Leatherman tools. There is more.... but the secret gift... the most and ... WOW..... it's a GIFT. A pair of diamond 1 carat stud earrings. (1/2 a carat each). They are B E A U T I F U L. There are other gifts for the 80 some employees... so I've only listed a few. Everyone will get a gift. And then there will be some trading. If I get the basket of different Whiskey's, I'm sure Dale will want to trade me..... But, if I get a Victoria Secret purse with perfumes.... I'm going to have a hard time trading for a Foodsaver.

The party is at the Holiday Inn. I'll let you know on Saturday or Sunday what I got.

Oh..... and I leave for Hawaii on Tuesday. Seriously..... Is this wedding really going to happen??? (There is more to that story..... arguh..... it's not good...let's just say.... my boss/friend's daughter... really and I mean REALLY doesn't like who her mom is marrying. I have to remain neutral... but I have strong feelings.....AND I'M THE MAID OF HONOR!!!) help... help.. help.


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