I popped the balloon with a $150 gift certificate to Home Depot. Not too bad. I even had people wanting to trade me, but I resisted. But Sam didn't want to trade. He got the 42" tv. I asked his wife if we were all invited over for the Superbowl. She gave me a nervous laugh. Sam told me he'd have to tell me where the key to the house was because they were going to be gone for the Superbowl. I was just joking!

The food was really good, as usual. Prime Rib, Ham, Turkey and all the fixing that go along... salads, vegies, etc. I never get to finish my meal. I have to start playing Vanna and point out the gifts and put names on them as they are won.

My boss/friend had a couple suprise gifts. One was a pair of 1 carat total weight diamond earrings. They were beautiful. And the other was a beautiful silver circle with tiny diamonds on a thin silver chain. The young man who won the earrings was with a date and I'm not sure that they are real serious. He's only about 23. I told him he was not allowed to pierce his ears just so he could wear the earrings. He's on the construction crew. He agreed. No piercing his ears. The other guy who won the necklace has a wife who is a........uh......not a nice person. He won't bring her to any party. Thankfully!

Then after the company party was over, a select handful of us went over to our boss/friends house for munchies. There was plenty to drink, but most of us refrained. Especially after the last incident which won't be mentioned here. But, for the curious, it does not include me.

So, all in all. The party was a success.


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