Snow 1963

See. I know about snow. That's my twin brother, Doug, playing "King of the Hill." And yes, that's me. If you enlarge the picture, you'll see very long icicles hanging from from the roof. We only lived here for about 6 years. The street was called Grace Avenue. What a pretty name for a street. Before the house on Grace Avenue, we lived on Cresmont Avenue. It was a little house, but it had a lot of good memories of growing up as a toddler..... well, anyway, the home movies look that way. Then dad was transferred to Pittsburgh. We only lived in Pittsburgh for three years and then moved back to Idaho Falls. Not to this house, but to one on the east side of town. We only lived there for about 2 1/2 years and then we moved to Portland, Oregon. No, dad wasn't in the military. He worked for Westinghouse until we moved to Portland. He worked for Portland General Electric and helped get Trojan (a nuclear plant) up and running. It no longer exists.

So.... I do know snow. I don't like it for driving. I love it for skiing...... except the time that I ripped my ACL. But, I would do it again. The skiing, not the ripping of the ACL. That wasn't fun.


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