Tomorrow at this time, I will be arriving in Los Angeles. Then at 10:45 am, we all get on another flight and by 2:30 pm, approximately, we all land in MAZATLAN! Notice how I changed from the single, 'I', to the plural 'we'. It should of been plural from the beginning, but... eh, I was never good with correct grammer and such. I would never make a writer of novels or even a small newspaper column, but back to who the 'we' are. Mom and dad are already in Mazatlan. They've been there since Monday. My sister and her husband and their three kids are going this year. It's the first time these kids have been there. My sister, Jodi, doesn't want to pay for a sitter this year. It is better her oldest is with all of us than left to her own devices....if you know what I mean... she is a senior in high school, and honestly, as much as I love this child, you can't trust her as far as you could throw her. The two boys are typical boys. They are 13 & 15... or are they 12 & 14? I can never keep that straight. My oldest son will be going again. He's gone 3 other times with me. My 'same age' brother and his wife will also be going down, but they will be traveling from Phoenix, so we won't see them in LA.

Hopefully, the web cam is working. I can get it to work here at home, but last week, I couldn't get it to work at the office. I think it was more my whimpy computer that the web cam.* We usually all sit close to the waterfall, so if, when you get to control the camera, you click on waterfall in the dropdown menu, under the picture and click 6 times on the slider bar to make it go to the right and zoom all the way in, you should be really close to where we all sit. And there is a group of 'us'. Not only is it my parents and our group, it's also my aunt and uncle and two sister's and their husbands. I was good friends with one of the friends daughter growing up, but that all changed in high school....(for anothe post) and I dated the other sister's son in high school...(not the reason for the friend and I going separate ways). Hope that makes sense.

Hopefully we'll be able to get a good wifi connection, like last year.... but more importantly.... we'll get to eat SHRIMP!

*Update on the web of Sunday night... it's working, but kind of off kilter. It's aimed more at the orange building next to ours. So.... you'll have to scroll down about half way. But so zoom in..... Sometimes we are in the hot tub... usually around happy hour.... That's 4pm Mountain Time. Or are we in day light savings... Anyway.... If you are on the west coast...Hi Annie.... it's only one hour later. I'm baking chocolate chips as we speak... type


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