I haven't had a chance to tell you about some of the restaurant's that we went to while we were in Hawaii...for the wedding.

I think my very most favorite place was "Casanova Italian Restaurant & Deli".

I had:


I would love to know how to make this. It had little squares of squash in it and lots of pinenuts.

It wasn't a very big plate of dinner, but with a salad, you still have room for dessert. And let me recommend their Creme Brule'e - in their words.....we make it lighter with a bottom layer of fresh island fruit.

I actually licked the dish. Seriously.

They have been voted Best Italian - Best Pizza - Best Late Night.
They are located at 1188 Makawao Avenue at Baldwin Ave in Makawao. I wish I could give you driving directions, but I can't. I can tell you that the drive there was beautiful.

One night we ate at "Roy's". That was a hoppin' place. B.U.S.Y. The food was very good, I just can't remember what I had. I do remember that there was plenty of it and I even skipped the appetizer and just had a taste of someones dessert. We usually shared.....unless it's Creme Brule'e..... I don't share when it comes to Creme Brule'e.

The wedding dinner was at "Longi's" in Lahaina. We had an upstairs, corner table. It was a fantastic view.From left to right.... Dave, the best Man, Me....Val, daughter of the bride, Elyce, sister of the bride, Linda, cousin of the bride, Sandy - Bride and Bruce - Groom.

The appetizers were wonderful and we really had too many. I think I had the Salmon Mediterranean..... It was good, whatever it was that I had. I know I didn't have the Lobster. And I do know that I passed on dessert.

The night before the wedding... the wedding... that almost didn't happen.....The best man was driving and I was in the front seat. The bride and groom were in the backseat.... arguing.... about everything. Seriously. Words were flung that weren't nice. If the car could of come to a stop, the groom would of gotten out. It wouldn't of been pretty.

But..... We ate at "Five Palms Beach Grill". I passed on any appetizers. Not even a salad. They had rolls on the table and I had one of those. Why fill up on appetizers when you can have Grilled Pacific Salmon. I know we ordered a few desserts, but I can't remember what they were. The view was fantastic. We were indoors, but we had these big open windows that looked out over the ocean as the sun was setting.


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