My son just called. He just asked...well, sort of asked his girlfriend to marry him. He said...'July 26, 2008'. They've picked out the ring, set the date, he just hasn't actually 'asked' her. He said he can get the ring when he pays off at least half. I asked... 'how much do you need to get it on her finger?' ....'about $200.' .. I said..'I'll give you the $200 so you can put it on her finger.' .... silly boy.

I like his girlfriend. Her name is Ashley. She is 23.. I think or 24... He is 27. They are cute together. He's a big tease and she can tease back. She's the youngest of her family, Brent is the second oldest and first son.

Ashley said any of us can help with the planning. I said... Just tell me what you want me to do. The plans are yours!

I'll keep you all updated!


    Yay! A wedding!

    I love your new theme, too. IT's very, very pretty and springy.


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