I'm sure you all have items you wouldn't leave home without. You know. Your favorite deodorant. Your favorite brand of tennis shoes. Shampoo. You only eat at certain restaurants. Fast food included. You shop at Target and avoid Kmart.

The above has become one of my favorites. But not because I like yogurt. Matter-of-fact, I would really rather not eat yogurt. It's a texture thing. But, I have a tender stomach. I can eat practically anything. Food doesn't bother my stomach. Stress bothers my stomach. Ever since high school. I was on a bland food diet during those fun, pizza years. Mashed potatoes and creamed any veggie made up my plate most evenings. My stresses expressed themselves in the form of vicious stomach acids. Even to the point of an ulcer. One that was easily controlled, but still, a belly ache.

I wish Activia had been on the market back in the 60's and 70's. My stomach would have enjoyed life a lot more.

As for my other favorites:
Shampoo: Pantene
Deodorant: Degree
Tennis Shoes: New Balance
Restaurants: Chevy's, Pepe's Mexican (or something like that.. I don't know the name, just where it is.. it's not a chain) I don't eat out much, so my list is very short.
Fast Food: Jack-in-the-Box
Target - Avoid Kmart and I don't do Walmart either.
Pop: Diet Coke

What are some of your favorites?


    Hey! I've always wondered if Activia worked - I tried it once, but apparently, eating a small container of yogurt once a day was too much of a commitment for me and I only ate one. Seriously. One.

    I can be brand-loyal:

    -Kraft Mac&Cheese.
    -Degree/Secret - I alternate
    -I've been wearing the same lip-liner for about 10 years - "Yucatan If You Want" by OPI
    -"Barely There" underwear
    -Science Diet for Tyke
    -Target, Yes. K-mart, Never. There's a new Wal-Mart nearby that's new. It's ok.
    -Ice Cream - Edys/Dreyers

    There's more, but I'm looming large on Crazyland with that list. I'll stop now.


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