Is it grumpy day? Did I miss the memo?

First: Rude phone call from someone who wanted to know if we did forest roads. I said I didn't know but let me put him through to our construction estimator. He would know. "NO I WANT TO SPEAK TO THE OWNER". Okay. She is not in. "SHE?" Yes. She. "WHAT IS HER NAME?" I tell him. "WHAT IS HER CELL NUMBER?" I'm about to tell him she isn't available, but I give him the number. He had a few other questions, but I just said I didn't know. "SHE WILL KNOW." Yes. I'm sure she will.

Second: The post office clerk at the Wilsonville post office. YES. I'm naming the post office I went to. When I asked if you had any Flat Rate boxes and you gave me an attitude and said..."Right over there. Where you just were. On the floor" and then grumbled something to the next clerk. If there had been a complaint form, I would have put your name on it.. but I couldn't see your name tag. But, I will next time. If there is a next time!

Third: The kid at the Burger King window when I picked up my salad and drink. SMILE! Say something like.. THANK YOU. HAVE A GOOD DAY. Anything. Let me know you know how to speak, instead of turning you head away when you hand me my order. I know I can fill out an online complaint form about you!

Fourth: The young driver in front of me on the way home, in Tualatin. Ya. You driving the blue Subaru. Dodging every manhole cover and dip in the road. Ya. You. Who almost rear ended the car in front of you so you could check out your hair. I was getting close to copying down your license plate number and reporting you as a drunk driver. You were all over the road! Just drive. OKAY! You weren't going fast enough for the dips in the road to ruin the suspension on your car.

Fifth: For the dozen phone calls that didn't have anybody on the other line. And... The people who think our phone line is the fax line. BEEEEEEEP. You are just lucky I know how to transfer your call over to the fax machine.

Okay. I feel a little bit better. No. Actually I don't.

Have a good day!


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